EAAE Seminar - The evaluation of new CAP instruments: Lessons learned and the road ahead

The evaluation of new CAP instruments: Lessons learned and the road ahead is the 162nd EAAE Seminar. It will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 26 and 27 April 2018 and analyse the lessons learned from the CAP 2020 reform. The seminar focuses on the evaluation of the current CAP instruments as well as on possible scenarios of future CAP.

The agriculture of the European Union has been facing many challenges, including issues such as growing world population, changing lifestyles and diet, price volatility, economic slowdown and the new market environment, climate change, environmental degradation and various rural and local problems. In order to meet these challenges, the latest CAP reform introduced a number of new instruments, including, inter alia, the new (and greened) system of direct payments, the support of small farms, the active farmer concept, the revised system of endorsing producer organisations, the risk management toolkit, the Common Strategic Framework, new priorities for rural development as well as EIP programmes.

The first objective of the seminar is to bring together researchers working on the various topics within the overall theme of agricultural and food policies to stimulate discussions, collaborations and future research. The second objective is to take stock of the lessons learned since 2013 in CAP design and implementation. The third objective is to bring together research on possible ways and ideas how to reform the CAP after 2020. Contributions are sought from a variety of academic disciplines (e.g. political science, rural sociology, etc.) as well as agricultural economics, and from policy practitioners.

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