Innovation in the supply chain: Creating value together

This two-day workshop organized by the EIP-AGRI aims at reviewing the opportunities, challenges and future collaborations for Operational Groups dealing with food supply chains and commercialization of food products. The event will be hosted in Lyon, France, from 6 to 7 February 2018.

Funded under the Second Pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Operational Groups are bottom-up initiatives where local actors from the farming community, academia or the agri-food industry come together to provide practical solutions to a specific problem or work on an opportunity in the field of agriculture. Operational Groups are monitored by the EIP-AGRI, whose mission it is to foster synergies between EU-funded research and innovation initiatives in agriculture.

Held in cooperation with the French national rural network and the French ministry of agriculture, the event will pursue the following objectives:

  • Connect Operational Groups with each other and to relevant research/innovation activities.
  • Exchange good practices.
  • Identify common challenges and explore potential solutions.
  • Promote ongoing cooperation beyond the workshop


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