Autumn farm visit_Sustainable agriculture continues after harvest

On Friday, 13 October, Bayer CropScience opens the door of the Hof Ten Bosch farm, where farmers Jan and Josse Peeters get prepared for the winter months to ensure better yields in the next season.

Participants will get an insight into how to protect biodiversity, maintain healthy soils, conduct sustainable potato practices, introduce cover crops, and collaborate with the food supply chain.

Experts from the Bayer Forward Farm Programme will address the following topics:

  • How the implementation of the CAP greening measures in the field help increase biodiversity and sustainability through cover crops, hedges and flower strips?
  • How soil erosion can be avoided and how to maintain organic matter, the nutrient balance and increase yields sustainably?
  • What are the challenges of sustainable potato practices and food supply chain collaborations?

The visit will close with a networking BBQ.

Bus Transfer from and to Place Luxembourg will be available.
To register to the visit, please send an email to

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