Agri-food waste day conference

Held in Brussels on 17 October 2017, the event, jointly organized in the framework of two innovation projects funded under the Horizon 2020 programme – AgroCycle and NoAW - will explore the latest trends in applying circular economy concepts across the agri-food chain.

The event will provide an overview of the significance and relevance of circular economy concepts to the agri-food industry and present the latest developments in technologies and systems right across the industry chain, from on-farm production systems, through retail and on to consumers, and beyond into the bio-economt built on the agri-food "circular econony". 

The event will be structured around the following session:

  • Circular economy: a way to tackle societal challenges
  • Agricultural wastes availability and mapping in the EU
  • How agri-food wastes can create business opportunities
  • Renewable energies – sustainable farming innovation
  • Where is stakeholders’ help required? How can they benefit?
  • Agri-chain valorization
  • Food waste valorization
  • Novel value chain
  • Novel business model
  • Discussion on collaborative opportunities



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