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Webinar: New IoT Technologies for Wine Quality

Demonstration activity by our fruit Use Cases Big Wine Optimisation & Beverage Integrity Tracking

After the success of Enoforum web 2020 - the largest technical-scientific congress on wine in Europe, organized this year in digital format and aimed at Spanish-speaking technicians, with more than 2,000 participants from 40 countries and 30 speakers from Spain, Italy, France, the United States, Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa, Vinidea has once again used the web environment to disseminate its innovations.

The first multilingual webinar for wine technicians was held on 12 June 2020. Below is the recording of the presentations in English. By clicking on the link you can also listen to the simultaneous translation in Spanish, French, Italian.


Panagiotis Arapitsas from the Edmund Mach Foundation (Italy) and Gianni Trioli from Vinidea spoke about the impact on wine quality of the storage temperature and the new Internet technologies which allow the remote analysis of wine and the monitoring of wine shipments.

  • Panagiotis Arapistas presented the results of years of study on the evolution of the aromatic and phenolic components of wines stored at different temperatures, which made it possible to identify the chemical compounds that act as chemical markers of high temperature exposal, but also to highlight the different sensitivities observed from one wine to another.
  • Gianni Trioli presented the following technology services:

"Wine Shipment Tracking" to monitor wine shipments (temperature, geolocation, humidity and shocks) in real time and independently, to characterize analytically the effects of storage conditions on wine quality, and to activate the guarantees of protection against accidents thanks to the Blockchain technology. Developed in collaboration with Wenda.

"Remote wine analysis", to determine periodically and frequently the main composition parameters of musts/wines with considerable time saving and without specialized personnel, thanks to the elaboration in the FT-IR spectral cloud of a large number of calibration curves generated and constantly updated. Developed in collaboration with ISVEA.


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