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More transparency benefits stressed supply chain

COVID-19 puts food production chains under pressure in many different ways. From changes in demand to an increased risk of unforeseen delays along the way. ”The stress on supply chains leads to an even bigger need for transparency between partners, says Mattia NanettiUse Case coordinator and co-founder of Wenda. Which is good, because that is exactly what Use Case 3.6 offers.  


Shipment is the most critical part of the food-production chain for perishable and sensitive goods. The platform allows all partners to see how the products were conserved along the chain, from producer to point of sale. Humidity, temperature, location: visible to all partners. Real-time, if needed. Mattia: If you know what has happened underway, and under who’s responsibility the goods were at the moment of say a sudden temperature rise, you can solve it immediately. There’s no dispute on who’s to blame. More clarity results in less dispute and a faster solution. The platform can cover not only the shipment phase but many more (i.e. inbound, storage, outbound). 


Mattia sees that many companies reconsider their strategy and are thus more open to start sharing data with chain partners. The increased demand for fresh and local goods in supermarkets also pushes suppliers towards more transparency.  


With the experience gained in monitoring the handling of wine, the platform can be easily used in other chains where shipment is the critical factor. Are you interested in testing the platform in your logistic process? The basic features are set up in an hour, and UC 3.6 can advise you on what hardware suits your needs best too. We are more than happy to share our findings with other partners”,  Mattia says.  

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