This project's research activities officially ended in March 2021. Legacy in SmartAgriHubs Portal


IoF2020 has developed and tested a series of IoT components and solutions. Wether you are a professional in an agriculture related field, a developer, a policy maker or just curious about the potential of IoT, the sections below will help you navigate and learn how IoF2020 uses components and data for helping the EU agriculture.

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Context Broker

Consider adopting our reference architecture, supporting a SoS approach to facilitate integration with other solution and easier adoption of standards. The central point of this architecture is the FIWARE Context Broker, enabling seamless data exchange among different solutions.

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Smart Agri-Food Data Models

Browse our directory of data model fragments for the agri-food domain, some of which include NGSI implementations. Using some of these data model fragments will enable you to easily exchange information with other solutions, or re-use components.

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Service Monetization

Could some of your services or functionality be useful to other solutions and developers? CoatRack enables you to monetize developed services, in an easy way, to several customers.

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Data Marketplace

Do you collect data in your business? Could this data be useful for anyone else, even if anonymized? Consider monetizing this data using our data marketplace.

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Customisable Dashboards

Do you need to visualize data collected from several sources? We have a component to quickly realize customizable dashboards.

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IoT catalogue

Before implementing your solution, browse the catalogue of available IoT solutions. You can see details of components used in each solution and the respective providers. This will enable you to re-use existing components, allowing you to focus on added-value functionality. After implementation, make your solution available in the IoT catalogue. This will increase your exposure and maximize potential for re-usability of components and the overall solution.

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IOT Catalogue


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