The Open Call allows new use case teams to join our journey within the Internet of Food and Farm to enlarge the number of IoF2020 stakeholders and create more impact on the European farming and food sector.

On 20 July a webinar regarding the Open Call was held. It provided guidance on the proposal submission and further explained the technicalities of the Open Call. You can access the slides of the webinar presentation here.

If you are interested, please let us know by sharing your ideas or asking a question. If you have a team and you want to submit a proposal, make sure to preregister it on the IoF2020 website before 31 August 2018 17:00 CET and submit it before 30 September 2018 17:00 CET.

Preregister your submission

Please use the online submission form and follow the steps as described below.



Open Call Step

June 5, 2018

Open call official text publication

August 31, 2018 Deadline for preregistration of the proposal

September 30, 2018

Deadline for receiving applications

October 31, 2018

Communication of the evaluation results to applicants

December 31, 2018

Contracting with successful proposals and prepayment

January 1, 2019

Start of new use cases





Step 1 - Submit general details

* All fields are mandatory

General details

Please provide a valid title for the proposal
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Coordinator details

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Step 2 - Submit Project Proposal

Step 3 - Submit Consortium Declaration

Open Call Documents

Proposal submissions must use the provided Project Proposal template

Every project coordinator must read, sign and upload a signed copy of the Consortium Declaration


Important notice

Project coordinator must follow steps 1 to 3. Only the provided templates will be taken into consideration. The submission of any other document will disqualify the project proposal.


Q – Does this open call only focus on the multi-actor approach, involving tech providers, service integrators and end-users?

A – Yes, a proposal should follow the multi-actor approach, but there is not a fixed number of partners although proposals consisting of one single party are not eligible. For a promising proposal, applicants will have to form a strong team involving all relevant partners of the value chain. For more information on the multi-actor approach see the brochure


Q – Are use cases in aquaculture, fisheries or forestry eligible for the open call?

A – No. Use-cases addressing new subsectors (other crops, other animals, etc.) are encouraged, but only in ‘agri-food’. Therefore, e.g. aquaculture, fisheries or forestry are not eligible sectors.


Q – Which EU member states are part of the ‘new regions’ ?

A - Especially the eastern and northern part of Europe are less covered by the current IoF2020 use cases. See the map of current use-cases. The current use-cases take place in the following countries: AT, BE, DE, DK, ES, FR, GR, IT, NL, UK. So all other EU member states and the H2020 associated countries are part of the 'new regions'. Note that the new use case should really take place in a new region and not just have a partner from that region in the consortium.


Q – Is a use case in a non-EU-country eligible for this open call?

A – Yes, but this only holds for the so-called EU Associated Countries under the H2020 programme. For details see the list of Associated Countries


Q – Is it enough to only have partners from a new region?

A – No, for challenge 1 of the open call, a use-case should really take place in a new region. This means that the testing, demonstration, etc. should take place in that region. However other partners could come from regions that are already existing in the current IoF2020 use cases.


Q – What are the funding rates for the open call?

A – For private partners the funding rate is 70%. For public and not-for profit partners the funding rate is 100%. Furthermore, in the assessment ‘value for money’ is an important criterion.


Q – Where can I find additional info about Interoperability, replicability and reuse concepts within IoF2020?

A – Proposals for realising IoT based solutions shall aim at interoperability, replicability and reuse of the envisaged results. All the specifications can be found in the IoF2020 reference architecture available in the Open Call document section.


Q – Are there rules on the composition of the consortium?

A – Yes, it is mandatory to include at least 1 SME in each case.

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